California Coalition for Youth

CCY is the only advocacy organization in California that represents non-system and system-involved disconnected youth - which is shy I joined. Whether they have been in a public system or not, disconnected youth need to be represented. Rachel Antrobus, San Francisco Transition Age Youth Director, Department of Children, Youth, and Families.CCY members include a broad and diverse group of youth, youth-advocates and youth-serving agencies from throughout the State.

By joining CCY, you take your place among our growing community of individuals and professionals who share our vision that every youth in California has access to the services, support and programs they need to have successful lives.

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Your membership with CCY will go a long way towards strengthening the voice of youth in Sacramento where many decisions affecting youth are being made. Download our Printable Member Brochure and/or apply online.

Members-Only Webinar: Review of Proposed Regulations for RHY Act

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