Volunteer of the Month: June 2018

Published on July 12, 2018

This is our June Volunteer of the Month, David!

How long have you been volunteering?

Since February 2018

How did you find out about the California Youth Crisis Line?

I heard about it from other students at Sac State, and got involved by signing up for PSYC143 (Community Psychology practicum)

Why did you want to become a Counselor?

One of my most influential experiences was talking a friend through crisis as a teen, and it has been that experience that got me involved in psychology in general and on the path to becoming an MFT. I also made a goal to get more involved in and out of school to bolster my CV, and being a Counselor sounded like an excellent opportunity.

What’s it like being a CYCL Volunteer Counselor?

It brings a sense of accomplishment to know that I’m having a positive impact on people’s lives. Helping people to see that they have the power to find their own solutions is wonderful and makes me glad I decided to volunteer here.

What do you find most challenging or surprising (or both!) about being a Volunteer Crisis Counselor?

It is challenging when a caller has made wrong assumptions or come to wrong conclusions, and you have to help guide them to their own answers rather than trying to give them answers from your perspective.

When not on the line what do you do with your time? (hobbies, work, school, etc?)

I like to hang out with friends, play games, read books, go rock climbing at the Well on campus, listen to music, and watch Netflix or YouTube.

What’s a surprising fact about you?

I have four siblings, two brothers and two sisters.

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