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California Coalition for Youth 2021 Homeless Youth Survey

Published on February 22, 2021

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NIMH’s GREAT method for coping with Stress and Anxiety

Published on February 18, 2021

Like most folx who’ve trudged through 2020, with a pandemic keeping many of us very frustrated, I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the year (and to be honest I’ve been feeling it a bit in 2021, too). But perusing the internet I  | Read More » |

When Should I Call The California Youth Crisis Line?

Published on February 18, 2021

A question we get from adults and youth alike is “when should I call the California Youth Crisis Line?” and “how do I know if my Crisis is even a crisis?” When we go out into the community to let folx know about our line we get these questions  | Read More » |

Mental Health In the Media: Podcasts & Shows that Can Help

Published on January 21, 2021

New year, new us! It’s January 2021 which means we have another opportunity to set the tone and pace for the rest of the year.  A lot of us at the California Youth Crisis Line are making mental health resolutions for 2021, some include consuming  | Read More » |

Is it Stress or is it Anxiety?

Published on January 21, 2021

There’s a fine line between stress and anxiety. Both can seem very similar and often are confused with one another, especially when you’re helping a youth, friend, or loved one who is experiencing either. The American Psychological Association  | Read More » |

Choosing a Mental Health Professional That’s Right For You!

Published on December 17, 2020

2020 is almost over, and it hasn’t been kind to our mental health at all. With a global pandemic, the fight to end racism, and a volatile election season, folx (both youth and adults) have been struggling to stay mentally healthy. When the pandemic  | Read More » |