Volunteer of the Month: October 2016

Published on October 6, 2016

Meet Kacee! She’s one of our Ah-mazing volunteers that works at maximum capacity to ensure youth in crisis, all across California, have someone to talk to.  Below is the “virtual interview” conducted by the California Coalition for Youth’s Communication Coordinator, Jason.

How long have you been volunteering?

I’ve been volunteering since the middle of February.

How did you find out about the California Youth Crisis Line?

I found about the California Youth Crisis Line when Refugio Pantoja came into one of my psychology class and told the class about the Crisis Line.

Why did you want to become a Counselor?

I became a Counselor because I wanted to be a person that someone could talk to and hopefully make a differences in those people’s life. What really motivated me to become a counselor was because I lost someone very close to me from suicide about two years ago. I feel like if he knew about these services, or just had someone to talk to without being judged, he could still be alive today. Now that I am a counselor, I’m hoping that I can make a difference is someone’s life.

What’s it like being a CYCL Volunteer Counselor?

Being a CYCL Volunteer Counselor is very rewarding. As a volunteer counselor I feel like I can make a difference is someone’s life. Sometimes all people really need is someone to vent to and I am willing to hear and listen to their story. Everyone has their own story about their life and they all have different experiences so it’s interesting to hear everyone’s story and hear what they are going through. Sometimes the calls are very serious but I also do get those calls that are uplifting and every call changes my perspective on life.

What do you find most challenging or surprising (or both!) about being a Volunteer Crisis Counselor?

The most challenging aspect of being a Volunteer Crisis Counselor is that we can only provide a limited amount of resources. Volunteering made me realize that there aren’t enough resources for young children. I always wish I could do more for the person that is in that certain crisis. It’s always very challenging to hear callers lose all hope in life and feel like there is no purpose in life.

When not on the line what do you do with your time? (hobbies, work, school, etc?)

I go to school full time at California State University, Sacramento so most my time is dedicated to school. I also play rugby for Sac state. I work as a lifeguard and I teach swim lessons! I also teach CPR classes in my spare time. I enjoy skiing and I’m so excited that snow is beginning to fall in Lake Tahoe! I also enjoy being with my friends and whenever we have spare time, we take adventures and try to explore as much of California as we can. I grew up in the country so I love riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers. I also enjoy fishing and hunting!

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