Advocacy & Policy

CCY takes positions on and advocates for public policies, programs and services that empower and improve the lives of all California’s youth ages 12-24. As a statewide coalition, CCY represents our member organizations from across the state at the regional, state and federal level on issues regarding California’s youth, with a strong focus on disconnected, runaway and homeless youth. Our coalition acts as a voice for youth and young adults by advocating for public policies, programs, and services that respect, empower, and protect the rights of all youth, while advocating for the programs and services that they need. Almost 300,000 youth up to the age of 18 and many thousands more between the ages of 18-24 experience homelessness and lack the services they need. In addition, there are tens of thousands of disconnected youth with no clear path forward in their lives and who often have no one to help or represent them. Our vision is that every youth in California has access to the services, support and programs they need to lead successful and independent lives.

CCY has a Public Policy & Advocacy Committee consisting of a Board of Directors that meets monthly to guide the organization in overall policy and advocacy efforts. We sponsor bills addressing specific issues and needs, support bills as needed, and review hundreds of bills annually that may have an effect on our members and/or the populations they serve. We also address regulatory issues that affect our members in their programs and operations. We meet with state legislators, legislative staff, elected officials at all levels, and staff at state agencies that oversee programs that have a direct impact on California’s youth. Each year CCY also provides our members with several opportunities to connect directly with elected officials and help influence positive policy developments. Members are invited to join CCY staff and lobbyists at hearings, legislative meetings and other forums to help educate policymakers on critical issues and legislation that impact the well-being of California’s youth.



Our latest policy and advocacy platform: