Legislation We’re Watching

2019 Priority Bills

High Priority Bills

AB 397 Reyes D – Homeless youth: grant program (sponsored)

AB 748 Gipson D – Nonminor dependents: extended foster care benefits (sponsored)

AB 806 Bloom D – Priority Enrollment: homeless and former homeless youth (sponsored)

Priority Bills

AB 58 Rivas, Luz D – Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council (support)

AB 721 Grayson D – Workforce Training Programs: Supportive Services (support)

AB 861 Chen R – Juveniles (support)

AB 995 Ting D – Transitional Housing Program-Plus (support)

AB 1235 Chu D – Youth Homelessness Prevention Centers (support)

AB 1534 Wicks D – Regional Homeless Management Planning Act (Support, with amendments)

SB 48 Wiener D – Interim Housing Intervention Developments (support)

SB 291 Leyva D – California Community College Student Financial Aid Program (support)

SB 329 Mitchell D – Discrimination: Housing: Source of Income (support)

SB 333 Wilk R – Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council (support)

Bills We Are Watching

AB 14 Rivas, Luz D – Multifamily Housing Program: Homeless Youths (watch)

AB 67 Rivas, Luz D – Housing: Homeless Integrated Data Warehouse (watch)

AB 302 Berman D – Parking: Homeless Students (watch)

AB 531 Friedman D – Foster Youth: Housing (watch)

AB 819 Stone, Mark D – Foster Care (watch)

AB 984 Lackey R – Personal Income taxes: voluntary contributions: Suicide Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund (watch)

SB 568 Portantino D – Student Housing: College-Focused Rapid Rehousing Program (watch)

SB 573 Chang R – Homeless Emergency Aid Program: Funding (watch)