Youth Empowerment Summit


The California Coalition for Youth will host the two-day Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) on [Date and location pending]. YES teaches formerly foster, runaway, and homeless transition-age youth on how to become change leaders in their communities and youth leaders on youth issues. Through the various workshops and meetings with California representatives at the State Capitol, YES participants will get firsthand experience in creating positive change in their communities and advocate for youth at the legislative level.

YES will feature an array of speakers, throughout the YES program, ranging from California State Senators, Members of California’s Assembly, to Youth Advocates and presenters from various levels of expertise and service organizations.

The Coalition’s annual Youth Conference (currently known as the Youth Empowerment Summit) has brought youth and youth advocates to the State Capitol for more than 20 years to teach, inspire and become advocates for positive change. At least 50 percent of YES participants are youth from all across California, many of whom are accessing community services, living in transitional housing or shelters and/or are a part of a youth development program.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Transition Age Youth (ages 16-24)
  • Street Outreach Workers
  • Shelter Staff
  • Executive Directors & CEOs
  • Transitional Living Program Staff
  • Youth Mentors
  • Anyone Passionate About Empowering and Improving the Lives of Youth!

YES 2020 Info

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YES 2020 Schedule

Check in for more details soon!