Coping during COVID-19

Published on April 6, 2020

Self-isolating, social distancing, and working from home, has been essential in flattening the curve and stopping the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Now that we’re in week 3 (week 4 or week 5 for some) or whatever number week we’re on when you’re reading this, now more than ever we need coping skills and strategies to help get us through this pandemic. Here are six easy ways we all can cope during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Take Media Breaks

It’s almost unavoidable to turn on any news outlet or read a news article (physical or digital) without hearing something about the current pandemic. Being constantly bombarded with this information is taxing on our mental health. A good way to recoup while sheltering in place or social distancing is as simple as turning off the media for a while. Some of us at the Crisis Line have limited our COVID19 news intake by committing to turning it on once or twice a week for important updates!

Connect With Friends and Loved Ones

An interesting development during the COVID19 pandemic and all the shelter in place orders, is that a lot of us have used this time to regularly reach out to friends and family that (under normal circumstances) we would speak to maybe once or twice a month. It’s important to know that friends and family is almost always a phone call, a text message, or a video chat away.

Set goals & priorities

Goal and priority setting is a great way to cope with the stress during the pandemic. It specifically can help you by staying in the present moment and not use “fortune-telling” or “what ifs” about things that are likely out of your control. It’s also a way of taking control and focusing on things that you can do to help yourself (or get tasks done).

Focus on the facts

Make sure you’re receiving information about COVID19 and staying safe from indirect information sources. Sometimes news media outlets can place unintended sensationalism while reporting on COVID19, which can make digesting information from these sources stressful. When looking for the most up to date information about COVID19, go directly to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website or the World Health Organization (WHO) or your local county or city website! These sources have the most up to date information, fact sheets, best practices, etc. and deliver it in a non-sensationalized way.

Spend time unwinding

Unwinding is one of the most important ways to cope during this time. This is anything you do to healthily unwind like playing video games, taking a walk, watching a movie, gardening, reading a book, or pretty much anything that isn’t harmful to you or others! A lot of us at the Crisis Line enjoy playing video games and watching movies, which are also ways you can unwind while still connecting with others via online gaming and remote watch parties.

Remember to care for your body

One of the strongest coping strategies is exercise. Getting up and moving around for 10 minutes or doing a light to moderate physical activity helps increase your energy, and release “feel good” chemicals (endorphins) in your brain. There have been hundreds of studies conducted proving the stress-relieving properties of light exercise. So be sure to get up and move around.

These are challenging times, but as long as we, practice social distancing, stay safe, and adopt healthy common-sense hygiene routines, we’ll be able to flatten the curve and save lives.  If you, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or anyone you know needs someone to talk to during this time, our California Youth Crisis Line is free and open 24/7. We are available by calling or texting (800) 843-5200 or chatting with us at We’re here when you need us.



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