Volunteer Voices – Distance Learning and Distance Therapy

Published on September 24, 2020

In our recent podcast episodes, we asked volunteers to weigh in on Distance Learning and Distance Therapy. This is what they said:

Regarding Distance Learning:

“My feelings on a personal level for grad school. I love it! I don’t have to worry about the commute and an expensive parking pass. Also I feel like it forces classes to be more focused on the important aspects or concepts for the course. Some professors are also willing to record lectures to allow for play back which is also helpful. My feelings for school-age children… not so great, but it’s only day 3 of the school year.  I have a sibling in 4th grade and another in 7th grade, and so far the structures of their school days is completely different.”

“Personally I feel indifferent. Im happy we didnt have to pay for a parking pass and Im so nervous about missing something im more focused. But I feel like im teaching myself so im not sure if im focusing on the right areas. Plus only one of my professors is doing Zoom. The rest are just posting slides and telling us to read and take the exams. So I feel like im not getting as good if an education”

“Not currently in classes but, hearing from students lately it seems that the interactions with your classmates that start as strangers, shouldn’t be undervalued! I know I can think of countless study groups started over the semesters with the randoms that sit near me, and I can recall ALL of their faces, for better or worse. I would hope that grade school teachers are implementing a lot more group projects, even if it has to be over zoom.”

On The Line… At Home 13 – Distance Learning and the New Normal

Regarding Distance/Virtual Therapy

“I feel that any opportunity to connect people to social and emotion well-being support is pivotal. I do see virtual mental and physical health care moving forward as an option in a person’s self-care.”

“Telehealth can be instrumental in providing mental health services to people in more remote areas, or areas which don’t have sufficient care providers available.”

On The Line… At Home 14 – Virtual Therapy

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